KAid-a catalyst for technical advance in Bangladesh
KAid-a catalyst for technical advance of Bangladesh

Message from Executive President
Digitalization is completely transforming our lives. It is reshaping the world in which our students are growing up and the world they will have to lead as they become adults. This gaping chasm between what even our best institutions are teaching and the expected competencies of the future is denoted as the Global Achievement Gap.

Closing this gap and doing it quickly means that the policy makers and education leaders need to take bold steps to ensure academic institutions are empowering and equipping students and teachers with the necessary eLearning resources and skills pertaining to their requirements.

In Bangladesh, now we have to focus on three major areas in order to get the best output in our education sector- i) developing or improving digital infrastructures, ii) to make an integrated digital platform for students, researchers and teachers, iii) building skilled and employable human resources.

Different learners with backgrounds in diverse disciplines require different pedagogical information or cutting edge technical information and an online base integrated and diverse institutional digital platform could be the easy and faster gateway to get the maximum information for knowledge seekers. This kind of eLearning Platform or online Digital Library should comprise of eJournals, eBooks, Magazines, eLearning Courses, Training Courses, Proceedings and different tools to support and enhance high-quality education received via interactive way which is consistent with international standards.
By doing so, academic institutions in Bangladesh will be able to provide better education and will make job seekers more connected to both local and global job markets.

Knowledge Aid (KAid) would like to make a significant contribution in education sector of Bangladesh by promoting eLearning resources in order to reduce the Global Achievement Gap as well as to assist academic institutions to meet there eLearning needs for students and educators. Knowledge Aid (KAid) will always foster a dream to see a self-reliant Bangladesh by utilizing sustainable technology and quality education, an evolving alliance for making our dream a reality.

Dr. Maksuda Bina
Email: bina@knowledgeaid.org
Cell: +880 1852098094